Gary Blanchard - Singer/Songwriter

Gary Blanchard has been a folk singer since the peace, love and rock’n’roll days of the late 1960’s. He started out in the folk circuit in Baltimore and moved to Massachusetts in 2006. His songs are mellow, positive and uplifting. Gary describes himself as a hippie and his Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-45ME, named Dreamer, is a custom-made tribute to the flower-power era.

Video Complilation Disc Now Available
This disc contains nine videos created by Gary. This disc includes eight original songs and a video of Gary's cover of the John Lennon classic, Across the Universe. Several of these videos have been featured on WooTube, a music program from Worcester, MA.

New  CD Release!

Gary has just released his newest CD, Be the Change. The disc features twelve songs written between November of 2016 through early April 2017. This disc is musically diverse, from the Indian influenced song, Carousel, through the Neil Young grunge of Reality, the Tom Petty influenced You're So Groovy, to the title track that reminds one of All Things Must Pass era George Harrison. Go to the Music or Shop pages to get your copy on CD or as a download.

“There are people who play folk music, and there are people who are folk music; Gary Blanchard is clearly the latter. I first heard his music more than thirty years ago, and even then, I recognized him as the best of the Greenwich Village era folksingers. More than a typical singer/songwriter, Gary is the living embodiment of the spirit of what he sings. From genuinely irresistible sing-alongs to heart-tugging ballads, even a casual listener can hear that this guy is the real deal. The music that PBS specials call “the folk revival” is, more simply put, Gary Blanchard. I so dig this guy, and am so respectful and envious of his talent.” 

Gary Green

Folkways Records Recording Artist 

Introducing Dreamer

I am a child of the 60s, and have always loved the free-spirited approach of those times. I wanted a guitar that would reflect the spirit of the 60s, and was lucky enough to find Hannah Brookman, of Leverett, MA, who brought that dream to life. While my Gibson J45 remains my primary guitar, Dreamer is my designated open tuning guitar. Dreamer and I will soon be featured in an article in Performer magazine. 

To learn more about artist Hannah Brookman, visit her website at

07 Stardust and Shadows.mp3

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