Gary Blanchard - Singer/Songwriter

 Support the Music - Host a Concert

 Gary's music is perfectly suited to the intimate setting of a house concert. Hosting a house concert is easy and is a great way to support a musician. Gary will come to your home and do a concert for you and your friends, offering an intimate and personal musical experience. The process is simple:

  1. Arrange a date and time for the show with Gary.
  2. Contact your friends and family offering an intimate show with a chance to meet with the performer after the show.
  3. There is not a set charge for the performance. Attendees are encouraged to make a voluntary contribution and to purchase CDs and other merchandise.
  4. You can set the maximum number of guests according to your space and comfort level.
  5. You control the guest list so you do not need to invite strangers into your home.
  6. Gary will provide materials to help you advertise the show to those you want to invite.
  7. On the agreed upon date, Gary will entertain you and your friends with an acoustic performance of quality original material.
  8. Depending on the travel distance, you might need to provide overnight accommodations for Gary.
 For more details, or to arrange a concert, use the form below.

House Concert Information and Request Form

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