Gary Blanchard - Singer/Songwriter

Limited Edition Vinyl LP Re-Release - Original Soundtrack (1987)
Originally written and recorded in 1987, this album is a unique relic of an interesting time of Gary Blanchard's musical development. Inspired by a performance by Laurie Anderson on SNL. Gary put aside the guitar and banjo and purchased a cheap home portable keyboard, complete with autorhythm, and proceeded to write a new type of music. Some pieces were sung, some combined music with spoken word, and some had either music or spoken word. The album offers a glimpse at a live show that reflected the avant-garde arts scenes of Baltimore in the mid-eightes.

This album has long been of interest to folks who appreciate the quirkiness of the songs and the sometimes sharp commentary on time, life, and technology. In 2016, Domestica Records, in Spain, offered a new release of this fine album on vinyl. Included in the sleeve is some biographical material, plus a song-by song commentary provided by Gary in 2016. Now you can order an autographed vinyl copy of this disc directly from Gary Blanchard, at a reasonable price.

Original Soundtrack LP (Shipping Included)

$ 18.00 USD